NY Resolutions

New Year. New me. Sound familiar?

Every December 31st we kid ourselves that as the clock strikes 12, we’ll magically transform into a Cinderella of some sorts within our looks, education and social life.

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For many years I gave up on ‘resolutions’ for reasons I can no longer remember, (most likely because I never stuck to them) but this year I decided to give it another try…and stick to it. And guess what? So far so good! I survived ‘Blue Monday’ and everything.

Let’s face it guys, we all have the same aspirations:

-Eat healthier and get fit (if we can get over our ‘gymtimidation’ – it’s a real thing!

-Budget/ handle money better

-Be a lot more positive about things

-Study harder

-Reignite a hobby/interest


Sporty Spice: School footy days.


Before my first gig

Age: 15