So, who’s been watching the second series of Channel 4′s first dates?

Here’s a short episode they forgot to broadcast…only joking it’s a First Dates parody!


A video about just that.

NY Resolutions

New Year. New me. Sound familiar?

Every December 31st we kid ourselves that as the clock strikes 12, we’ll magically transform into a Cinderella of some sorts within our looks, education and social life.

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For many years I gave up on ‘resolutions’ for reasons I can no longer remember, (most likely because I never stuck to them) but this year I decided to give it another try…and stick to it. And guess what? So far so good! I survived ‘Blue Monday’ and everything.

Let’s face it guys, we all have the same aspirations:

-Eat healthier and get fit (if we can get over our ‘gymtimidation’ – it’s a real thing!

-Budget/ handle money better

-Be a lot more positive about things

-Study harder

-Reignite a hobby/interest


Sporty Spice: School footy days.


Before my first gig

Age: 15


Here’s my last (slightly late) YouTube video of the year.

Ladies and Gents, I present to you:

Top 5 Fashion Fails of 2013.

Hopefully we won’t continue to see these trends in 2014! : 3


Happy New Year, folks.

Remember: YOU are the leader of your future. Go for it!

My New YouTube Channel Trailer :)

Advertising can get on your nerves right?

Wrong.  (I hope haha).

Here’s another shameless plug of my YouTube channel.

The New Year is going to bring lots of new vlogs, parodies, music videos and sketches.

I promise :)


I’ve been on a break from social media in all its forms.

And now I’m back! #technologydetoxed

I know you’re always up for a laugh, so sit back and please enjoy my second to last upload of 2013!

Pavement 2 Catwalk

Here is an image I took for Pavement 2 Catwalk – a social enterprise that uses fashion, art, film and photography to inspire those in disadvantaged communities.

Thank you to talented editor Rob Boud for making the image come to life!

More information about the project can be found here.

Pavement 2 Catwalk: http://pavement2catwalk.wordpress.com

Rob Boud: http://robboudphotography.wordpress.com/

Lydia Maddix: You’re already on my blog mate! :}


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